About Us

Growing up we each had our own “local” set of shops and whatever we didn’t have in our local area we had to travel for. So if we were lucky enough to have a good variety of options right on our door step we were wrapped.  If we hit the jackpot, and had the best quality and tasting takeaway that we knew would be fresh and delicious, then we remembered it for years to come…

At Darvid’s Pizzeria, we want to be your jackpot and we want you coming back for more too!

Our range will amaze you. From classic favourites to upmarket gourmet combinations, all our pizzas are delicious, piping hot and packed with flavour. The majority of our ingredients are sourced locally, including Australian mozzarella cheese and we use only free range eggs in our pizzas. All our pizza bases are made with organic ingredients that are healthy and delicious. We also provide gluten free pizza bases for customers who are gluten intolerant.

Our commitment to being the best local pizza shop you could wish for means that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our products. So if your experience is not truly amazing, we want to know! That’s the only way we can improve our product and deliver a consistently amazing experience every time you buy from us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Darvid’s Pizzeria!

David and Linda Stevenson